Wacko Jackos

A super-fun children's book series for wacky kids

Wacko Jacko's Super Wacky Birthday

Frankie Jackson is totally dreading his birthday. For one he hates clowns… especially the evil zombie type! But another year older means another year taller …super-freaky tall like the rest of The Jackos. He just wants to be normal!

His birthday turns out to be more fun than ever! He shoots paint balls at zombies, gets trapped on the scariest roller coaster ever and he even makes a new friend. If you have a weird farty family with silent but deadly farters, this book is for YOU!

Target Audience: 7-12 year old kids who like wacky stories about other kids.

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Super Wacky School Days - Coming Soon!

Frankie vomits live on camera and becomes a MEGASTAR! His super-wacky Grandma comes to visit… FOREVER!
And he joins the school rugby team by mistake! Can it get any worse? You guessed it!

  • More silent farts

  • Added vomiting

  • Extra wackyness

  • Super embarrassing moments

About the



Diane Goodchild

Diane Goodchild was a book worm as a child and always wanted to be a writer. The Wacko Jacko books are her opportunity to write about her pride and joy, her family. She lives with her husband and four wacky kids in sunny Brisbane. They remind her EVERY DAY that ordinary days can be extraordinary. Their dog is super hairy and really does fart silently a lot.


Aliah Lennox

Aliah Lennox is a published illustrator and high school English school teacher from SE Queensland. She believes that fostering a journey of creativity, discovery and expression is the role of a lifetime. Her goal lies in inspiring people to love reading and find their own inner artist.

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